Air combat Europe

management training

The goal of the management training course in form of a corporate event is to provide your employees with a bonding and meaningful training experience. The top gun programme is focused around coordination and team effort to accomplish set goals and to earn your wings. Throughout this programme you will familiarize yourself with the Blackshape Prime, our aircraft of choice and you will learn the basics of aviation and the skills of the infamous dog fight techniques used by fighter pilots in combat. You will fight against each other, navigate your way through the skies and take down your opponent in a simulated air to air dog fight. While your fellow employees are up in the air you will be accommodated in our hangar with food and beverages being provided as well as a drone flying competition. Eventually once everyone has had a shot at completing the full programme in the skies the two best pilots of the day will earn a simulated dog fight against one another to decide who the real Top Gun pilot is amongst you. 

The day can be fine-tuned to fulfill your needs with special events and/or work-shops/master-classes.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.