Frequently. asked. questions.

How safe is flying with Air Combat Europe?

Safety is first at Air Combat Europe. Our aircraft are new, designed using the newest technologies and are perfectly maintained. ACE instructors are highly experienced and all former F-16 fighter pilots with the Royal Netherland Air Force, some of them weapon school instructor or demo pilot. They flew many real combat missions and are skilled instructor pilots and Air Combat instructors. The military rules ACE employs guarantee safe flying altitudes and ranges between aircraft during all maneuvers. The instruction techniques are proven in military flying and ensure you will be at ease learning to fly the aircraft and confidently perform the Air Combat for a fantastic flying adventure.

How is Air Combat Europe certified?

All ACE flight activities are performed under the licences of Zelf Vliegen. Certified by ILT (inspectie leefomgeving en transport) trainingschool. License nrs: RTF-205/7 en & NL-ATO-238/1.

Will I experience motion sickness?

Based on our experience, less than 10% of the students experience motion sickness. This low rate is the result of flying and controlling the aircraft yourself. This reduces the chance of motion sickness drastically compared to flying as a passenger. Also you will be taught to focus on your opponent and not the horizon, very important during Air Combat and it will give you a steady reference point. It may be possible that you are more susceptible to motion sickness. In case you feel uncomfortable during any part of the flight, just relax the controls and inform your instructor. He will do all he can to make your flying adventure more pleasant

Do I need any prior flying experience?

Most of our students do not have a pilot license and many of them never flew a small propeller aircraft. This is no problem, you will just receive your first flying lesson. The advantage a licensed pilot may have over a non-pilot quickly vanishes when starting Air Combat.

What is the difference between basic and advanced air combat?

There are several differences between the Basic Air Combat Maneuvers and the Advanced Air Combat course.
Basic Air Combat Maneuvers is one flight and the Advanced Air Combat course is two flights.
You will become a squadron member after completing the Advanced Air Combat course , which entitles you to fly at the reduced squadron member rate.
The techniques you will learn are basically the same. During the advanced course you will have time for more practice and a couple of advanced maneuvers. The first flight concentrates on practicing and will allow you to get used to the forces and dynamics during Air Combat. During the second flight, after 10 minutes of practice, you will directly bring your Air Combat in practice.

What are the age, height and weight requirements?

Our students vary in age from teenagers to vital elderly, mostly between 21-60 years. The minimum age to be allowed to receive flying lessons is 14 years. The maximum length is 1,95 mtr and the maximum weight 110 kg. Every student will have to sign a “waiver of liability” before the flight. Teenagers younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on their behalf.

What about alcohol usage?

The usage of alcohol 10 hours prior to your flying lesson is not allowed.

What is the refund policy of Air Combat Europe?

In case you booked your Air Combat lesson with one of our resellers you are bound to their terms and conditions. In case you booked a lesson directly at Air Combat Europe we can offer a refund. There is a 10% fee for cancellations earlier than 30 days before the planned flight. As of 30 days a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged. Within 24 hour cancellations or no-shows will not be refunded. All refund requests must be send to and received by our office within the refund period of 4 months. Refund will not be granted outside the refund period.

What happens if the weather is unsuitable?

In case Air Combat Europe, in the interest of safety decides that the weather is unsuitable we will reschedule your flight to a suitable date and time. The students will be informed the evening prior to their flight if weather could be a limiting factor. Noting is so unpredictable as the weather so it may be possible that we find out the weather is unsuitable on the day of the flight.