ACE flight lesson during global COVID-19 pandemic

Dear customer,

This blog post is to inform you of the precautions and protocol we have instated to ensure a safe flight with us, Air Combat Europe.

As of May 11th, we are once again allowed to carry out our flights, this is of course under strict circumstances under which we are highly motivated to keep you, the customer, safe. But also our staff. For this reason we ask you to reschedule your flight should you or anyone near you experience any symptoms or in the past 14 days leading up to the flight.

To ensure everyone's safety, we have taken the following measures:

- We ask you to please keep your distance at all times except of course during the flight with our instructors, this is using the precautionary 1,5 meter rule.

- We will disinfect everything you or our instructors/hostess' have used before usage can continue for someone else.

- We usually love spectators, but in this current situation we ask to not bring more than a max. amount of 2 family members/friends to your flight day, we are afraid the rest must rely on awesome video footage and photos from your flight.

- We are using extra covers for the headsets used in-flight to increase hygiene.

- We encourage the use of face masks, although this is not mandatory.

We are working on further solutions, but for the time being this is the best way we can ensure you a safe flight at Air Combat Europe.

Please feel free to use our contact form for any questions or concerns or our live chat option.

Thank you for understanding,

Team ACE.

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