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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

ACE is the first organisation to offer Air Combat on a professional level in Europe.

The name itself gives it away, this company was originally founded by individuals with an aviation history. The passion of flying an F-16 and the experience of air combat is what came to be the base for this initiative. Once pilots retire from the infamous fighter jet they will do anything in their power to pursue their ambitions in this field.

Air combat Europe offers them a platform to teach others their infamous techniques and to help others learn the true arts of air combat through their experience. Their passion is what makes ACE thrive. And we hope to create a passion for aviation for you too.

Learn the art of air combat by flying with our experienced military f-16 combat pilots along with their many hours of true combat experience. These experts love sharing their experience and will teach you to handle the dynamics of a dog fight, formation flight and more. Aside from being tactical instructors they have a lot of experience as flight instructors and will safely guide you through your flight.

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