Advanced Formation Flying

Advanced Formation Flying


Flying in formation is one of the most astonishing things in aviation, get in close proximity with your wing-man and navigate through the skies as one.

Commonly bought together, formation flying is the perfect program with the desire to fly together with someone having them as your wingman at your wingtips.


Get a feel for the formidable Blackshape Prime and her little quirks, feel free in the sky and learn the true essentials of a fighter pilot!



  1. 1 to 2 person flight
  2. 60 minutes
  3. Advanced formation flying techniques
  4. Tactical formation flying
  5. close formation flying techniques
  6. trail formation flying; the basics of air combat maneuvering and dog fighting.
  7. Learn how to signal your wingman using special techniques and tactically move your formation through the sky.

When purchasing more than one flight, a €50,- discount is automatically deducted from the total sum.