Basic Air Combat Program

Basic Air Combat Program


Air Combat Europe derives its name from its original program, the air combat program. Learn the real ins and outs of dog fighting in the skies with an ex-fighter pilot as your coach and instructor.

Commonly bought together, this program requires a wingman, and who better to yell "Guns, Guns, Guns!" at than a family member or a friend while they're in your crosshairs for a competitive gain they will never forget.


Get a feel for the formidable Blackshape Prime and her little quirks, feel free in the sky and learn the true essentials of a fighter pilot!




  1. 1 or 2 person flight
  2. 60 minutes 
  3. Military briefing (and debrief)
  4. basic air combat techniques and basic introduction to formation flying
  5. 5 rounds of simulated dog fights

When purchasing more than one flight, a €50,- discount is automatically deducted from the total sum.